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Added to the team at The Mind's Eclipse game.

Releasing January 25, 2018!

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Lewis Ave. Reviewed by Matthue Roth

in Bitch Magazine #40


"....'Lewis Ave.' offers up short, sweet, and memorable lo-fi lullabies about love and city life, rocking out, and the ones that got away.... The entire short CD leaps from genre to genre with a quiet confidence, segueing from folk and hum-rock to guitar solos that do not suck at all...."

Click here for link to magazine and article.


Tuesday Tunes with Lou

on the Daily Crate.


I am not sure what rabbit hole sent me down and around to Brandi Parker (Tella Music) but I love it.


It gives me hope in the internet and opportunity to show off some really fantastic work from an independent artist doing beautiful things. I especially love it when that work involves music for video games. Exciting, infectious and savory, Tella Music makes some pretty kick ass tunes.

Click here for article.


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