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I'm Brandi Parker and I'm Tella.

I played in bands for a while through the early days. I joined Sigmund Blue in 1997. Later, I moved to NYC in the early Aughts and started playing in bands here. I dubbed the band projects Tella, and with my first release, the EP Lewis Ave.,* in 2006, I went through several incarnations of bands until I decided to make Tella an exclusively solo project. 

Over the years, Tella has developed into my identity as composer as well.

All together, I've been writing and performing for almost 20 years. I have released a number of albums across incarnations and I'm currently building up my composing portfolio for games, tv and film. In terms of software and gear, I primarily use Digital Performer as my DAW. I play and compose on guitar and piano, and use a host of synths and software instruments.


Whether all live, or a hybrid of live and virtual instruments, I can write and record it.

Tell me about your next project.


*You can find Lewis Ave. on iTunes and Spotify  

I'm a member of:

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